Sessions for beginner to intermediate

Contact us for further information and questions. Day at Green Lane State Park,
Beginner to Intermediate-level students will be introduced to:(trails, picnic, and hopefully swimming on horseback!)
Basic Riding Skills
Safe Horsemanship *Horse Show on site last day!
Trail rides (on site)
Games and More *Pool Party at Liza’s House!

Beginner-level students will learn:

  • The proper way to approach a stabled horse
  • How to groom and tack up, including picking up and cleaning hooves
  • The correct way to lead a horse
  • Mounting and dismounting techniques
  • Walking, posting trot and halting
  • Riding a Figure “8”
  • Mucking out a stall
  • Haltering and un-haltering
  • How to properly turn-out a horse

Intermediate-level students will learn:

  • Bathing a horse
  • Pulling a mane
  • How to disassemble, clean and reassemble a saddle and bridle
  • First aid for minor horse cuts
  • Taking a horse’s temperature
  • How to braid a mane
  • How to give and accept a leg up
  • How to jump a course of fences
  • Riding a Figure “8” and serpentine
  • Posting on the correct diagonal
  • Cantering on the correct lead 
  • Riding safely on trails
  • Posting to the trot without stirrups
  • Blanketing and un-blanketing a horse
  • Figure eight your bridle when done cleaning

Advanced-level students will learn:

  • Braiding a tail
  • Fitting a bridle and saddle
  • Understanding optimal equine health (visit with the Vet)
  • Lunging a horse
  • Planning the best nutritional diet
  • Riding a complex course of fences
  • Simple and flying lead changes
  • Jumping without stirrups
  • Cantering bareback